Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer revamp

Now that summer is almost here, I’m thinking about how I’ll revamp my Moodle courses to make them more effective. Recently, I took classes to became a Quality Matters peer reviewer for K12, so naturally all the things missing from my courses have become glaringly apparent. I’ve always relied on being able to talk to my students, which overcomes a lot of online difficulties.

But when kids can’t talk to me – during snow days, at night, on weekends – that doesn’t work.

So this summer I plan to make Jing videos explaining how to do everything I can think of. Also, beef up my FAQs, and similar help documents. And add a Start Here button, with all the introductory information in one place.

And think about how to use the wiki this year, and… This is how we geeks play. ;-p

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