Friday, May 6, 2011

Why I don’t follow you on Twitter?

    It’s all about you.  “Come check out my website, and buy my stuff, and look at me, and did I tell you to check out my website?”  The only thing you “share” is another post on your blog selling your consulting services/software/product.  This is not sharing; it’s advertising.

    Your picture looks like you have mistaken Twitter for a dating website.  Ladies, if you want to be taken seriously professionally – and a lot of us on Twitter are here for professional growth –  do you really think cleavage, go go boots, and coy poses are the way to go?   I do not want to be demonstrating Twitter to my colleagues or students and have your picture pop up.

    You only post in a language that I don’t speak.  Nothing personal, but I’m not getting anything out of this.

    You protect your tweets.  If you don't feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, maybe Twitter isn't the spot for you. (My personal favorite was a follow request from a "social networking guru" -- who protects his Tweets.)   --  Just added

    You post mostly drivel

Who I do follow?

    Newbies in education who are just getting started with Twitter.  Newbies need encouragement.  As long as they aren’t tweeting moronic nonsense, I’ll help them out.  I remember how cool it feels to have your first few followers.

    People with interesting things to say
… and resources/ideas/articles/links to share…
… about topics of interest to me. 

    Twitter is interest driven.  That’s why hashtags are so popular.  So provide something of interest once in awhile.

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