Thursday, June 9, 2011

Student survey helps me improve

I surveyed my students at year-end and found:  For every student who liked something, there was another who didn’t.  Seems like this always happens because my students are individuals.  Some love school, some don’t.  Some love English, some don’t.  Some enjoy the work involved in learning, some don’t.

There were a sizable number who liked the Moodle (59%) and a smaller number who were frustrated by it (33%).  The frustrations came from problems logging in (forgot userid or forgot password), so I’ve added a big Help button to the login page that students can access even if they can’t login.  I also plan to create Jing videos showing some basic skills – navigation, adding images, posting to discussions.  Even though I demonstrate these skills F2F, students need access to this information when I’m not around to ask. 

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