Thursday, June 9, 2011

What students like about Moodle

Comments from the year-end student survey:

  • I like the discussions and extra sites you have up here.
  • it was ALOT OF FUN
  • i didnt need to use paper and carry my book
  • It was very accesible, and easy to use.
  • What I liked about the moodle was open discussion, there wasn't one right answer
  • I really liked how in the discussions you could say your opinion and how there wasn't none right answer.
  • i liked the moodle this year because it is veyr handy and can help you study for things like vocabulary.
  • I liked the vocab and the discussions, I think vocab was so much easier to do on moodle and funner.
  • I loved moodle this year because before a vocab test, if I forgot my book, I could use the moodle.
  • I liked the discussions
  • The moodle is great for studying, less writing with the hands (which i do not enjoy) and it keeps everything very organized.
  • I could type my assignments up and I could see and comment on what other people thought
  • It connected us more. 

‘Nuf said.

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